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sub-icons-lobster-titleStock Market Challenge

Millions made and lost in a split second. Experience the joy, heartbreak, victory, and bitter defeat of the stock trading floor.

Your team will share ecstatic highs and gut wrenching lows during 60 minutes of real time virtual trading. You’ll work together to frantically interpret market news and tips, predict market trends, track portfolio values, and compete to make trades. Huge video screens track fictitious stocks, team standings, and market trends. Be a part of the energy, excitement, and chaos that an online stock market simulation just cannot deliver.

“Between the excitement in the room and the discussion on Twitter, the event was electric. It was truly awesome to watch.”

Kris Fixter, National Director Marketing and Communications
Junior Achievement Canada

“The Stock Market Challenge is finally something different and nobody else is doing events like it.”

Gale Carey, President & CEO
JA Toronto

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