What people are saying….

“The evening was a blast and everyone will definitely be there next time.”

Grant Thornton Chartered Accountants

“Fabulous, exciting event!  Enjoyed the game and look forward to participating next year!”

The Royal Bank

“The whole event is first class, high-energy and fun. Fantastic Event!”

Merrill Lynch

“Finally….something different!  Nobody else does events quite like Fun-Raiser.”

Children’s Wish Foundation

“I have never seen an event with this much technology and varied components be so well organized, professional and smoothly delivered.”

JA Michigan

“The Stock Market Challenge is a fantastic team building event!  It has provided us with great learnings about the market that helps us to better server our investment customers.”

Darrell Brown, Senior Vice President, Consumer Banking for US Bank

“As an investment professional I was amazed with al the details – nothing was left out.  You really felt like you were on the trading floor.  It was an outstanding night out and sign me up for next year.”

Gordon Anderson, Chairman Nova Scotia District Counsel of the Investment Dealers Association

“The Stock Market Challenge is finally something different and nobody else is doing events like it.”

Gale Carey, Former President & CEO JA Toronto

“The competition is great.   Our organization is very interested in being associated with a future event as a sponsor…participation is a given!”

Ray Deragon, Sponsor Merrill Lynch

“It was easy working with Fun-Raiser and the staff was amazing to work with.  Planning  the Stock Market Challenge was a lot of fun, especially seeing how competitive the teams got prior to the event.  It built the excitement so high that by the night of the event they wanted to spend as much money as it took to beat one another.”

Amy Kupfer, Program Manager, JA-South Central Texas

“Fun Raiser brings a unique special event to the equation.  In our first year, we brought in $140,000 that we dropped directly to the bottom line.”

Boys and Girls Club of the Midlands

“The Stock Market Challenge event is a great vehicle for fundraising and an excellent way to connect the financial leaders of today with the financial leaders of tomorrow.”

Joss Francheterre, VP Special Events, JA Arizona